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We painted this 3-D mural for a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering Math) classroom at Academia Del Pueblo. This was so much fun to paint!

We hand-painted and airbrushed this large lion mural in front of sunset with the scripture in Joshua 1:9, for North Valley Christian Academy.

Southwest Silhouette designs for exterior walls

I just 

Trompe L'oeil Venice Italy mural we painted in Anzio's Italian restaurant

Hand-painted Sedona mural with reflection

Black and white route 66 mural with red car

Antique silver metallic ceiling in formal dining room

Beach mural in the living room




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ABOUT THE ARTIST Carolines artistic background goes far back into her youth. She started drawing and painting about the first time she picked up a pencil as a child. Her parents, seeing she had artistic talent, encouraged her greatly as a young child to utilize her artistic, creative talent. Her artwork focused on portraits of people and pets. She became interested in mural painting when she worked on a church mural project, and painted walls for friends and family. After receiving complements for her murals and finishes, and encouragement from her boyfriend, Steve, she decided to start a business painting murals and special finishes. Caroline is very concerned about pleasing her customers and desires to complete each job in a professional manner. It is this determination that keeps her clients coming back again and again. She also supplies each of her clients with ample reference material. Caroline believes in up front pricing. Making sure you know how much it will cost for a mural or finish before the process actually begins, allows Caroline to feel confident that she can take her time and do a good job. She does not charge a running fee for each day she works unless additional changes are made during the course of painting. When she paints your wall mural, you'll learn she invests her soul and heart into a work of art you'll enjoy. It is her mixture of creativity, talent and dedication that produces the most incredible murals and finishes. Painting has fulfilled many personal goals for Caroline . First, it has brought an opportunity to bring her talent of handcraft into personal surroundings of other people and for them to enjoy it as much as she does. Second, she loves the challenge and fulfillment of developing projects individually with clients. And lastly, to achieve the first two goals in manner which is pleasant and affordable for everyone to expand the benefits of art beyond the gallery and museums, and into each person’s homes for all to enjoy. Caroline's murals have transformed the walls of homes throughout Arizona . She is highly technically advanced, with the capability of designing and executing images of any style or subject, painted on walls, ceiling, columns, niches. She also paints exquisite custom paintings or exceptional reproductions of any artist on canvas. ABOUT ME From as long as I can remember, I have seen the world through the eyes of an artist. I have been painting since I was old enough to hold a brush or pencil. Its in my blood and the love of my life. I can paint anything that we can imagine up, and paint it beyond your expectations. My favorite thing to paint is anything old world, European, scenic or Childrens' Rooms!. The part that still gets me, even after years of painting , is the magic that each custom mural possesses. It's that moment I live for as a professional muralist, the official unveiling of the mural when it's finished. It's a unique blend of anxiety and excitement. And then I see that look. The look on the faces that lets me know they've been transported to that favorite place or that the image they requested is exactly what they wanted. It's time for you to get a little magic of your own! Think about that place that gives you butterflies or that "thing" that makes you smile every time you think about it and consider making it a custom mural painting! One of the most rewarding aspects of being an artist is having the opportunity to create something special in another person's home that they are able to enjoy every day. I am amazed by the effect that beautiful art has on the human soul and spirit. Art has a way of cutting straight through our complex minds and lives to our heart where happiness, tranquility, creativity, contentment, energy, excitement and wonder lives. Everything good and rich lives in the heart and that's where your custom mural starts! I can paint whatever imagery needs to be created to meet to the needs of a client. I have the experience, enthusiasm, and talent to serve your needs and can produce work direct to surface or can create movable murals on panels in my studio-then provide simple and quick installation of your product. (this works very well for surprise projects like birthday, Christmas, or special occassion gifts) I like the challenge of creating a concept that will "WOW!" whoever sees it. I appreciate the opportunities I have to put my talent and experience to work and love what I do for a living. I am blessed with a God-given talent and it gives me a lot of satisfaction to be able to bring joy to others through painting. I enjoy hearing my client's ideas and bringing them to life! 
Visual images are especially important to children, therefore, I love to design nurseries and children's rooms. What an opportunity to create a magical world that a child will remember forever! Many of my murals, especially window scenes, have been painted on canvas in my studio and then installed at the location. As a professional artist, I have created a portfolio of work that is both innovative and engaging. Whether it is a sofisticated mural, childrens' mural, or faux finishes, my passion is to produce imagery and design that stirs the senses and transcends the ordinary. 
 I see infinite possibilities to create a big impact. Whether it is a large foyer with vaulted ceilings or a small intimate alcove, I view that space as my canvas. With an eye for color, texture, and movement, I am the perfect complement to any design team. So let et me transform any room in your home with a residential wall mural. I can transform your dull, plain walls into something special and personal with a professionally painted wall mural. A mural can add the illusion of space to a cramped room or transport you to a new place. I can add faux marble columns or the view of a Tuscan village out the “window” of an interior room in your home. Wall murals are only limited by your imagination. Every mural, when commissioned, is unique and is specially created for you. Your input is a vital part of the mural creation process and what makes it special when finished. Filling a residential home space with a personal wall mural, painted to fit your room size, decor and visual concept is what I specialize in doing. When we work together, the results can truly transform a room in your home into a personal space you can be proud of, and enjoy for many, many years. I start with your ideas. The blank walls of your home are my canvas. We will turn your dreams, ideas, pictures, and plans into a residential wall mural that reflect your personality, transports you to a different place or creates a new environment. A painted wall mural can be as big and elaborate as you can dream. I can also create small wall murals, "Blue Sky" ceilings and other small accent pieces to enhance your existing home decor. Faux marble and other painted optical illusions are a popular request. I'm limited only by your imagination. 
What can I design for you? About art and faux Decorative painting and faux finishes have been an established practice for hundreds of years. Think of the frescoes of Rome, the roots of ancient murals in houses across Europe and America, the gold leafing and relief work of the late nineteenth century. The faux industry, is an industry that, by all appearances now, is somewhere in between being related to the traditional painting industry and interior decorating industry. It is certain that faux finishing and decorative painting is one of the hottest trends and fastest growing markets. As faux finishing and decorative painting steadily increase in popularity more techniques are added to the gallery of options available for this art. Industry trends reflect a realization that current culture necessitates a need to live in homes that are reflections of who individuals are and the way they want to live. Americans are spending more money than ever on discretionary purchases, which are motivated by emotion and desire. These types of individuals can rationalize their purchases if they provide pleasure, relieve stress or beautify their environment to the point where Americans will spend 3 trillion in one year on discretionary products or services. Custom Mural Paintings are, in a nutshell, an extension of your personality, an expression of your imagination and creativity and a way for you to take a plain 'ole wall and make it transcend time, space and dimensions. You can literally use custom mural paintings as way to transform a room from an ordinary space to one of your most favorite places on earth. Your mural can be of a beautiful place, your favorite hobby and an inspiring landscape (the beach or your favorite city's skyline) or just about anything else you can imagine! That's why it's called a Custom Mural Painting! A mural can be of (just about) anything you want. It all starts with an idea that you either bring to life yourself or share with a professional muralist and collaborate about the details. Custom mural paintings are the vehicle of choice for so many people because they become a part of your home and office and can be enjoyed by you, and others, for years to come. They offer a way to personalize your home or office in a way nothing else can. Think about all the "greats" who really pioneered custom mural paintings. The famous works of Da Vinci mesmerize you. Raphael's wonderful works still take your breath away even after all these years. And then there's Michelangelo. I never cease being in awe of his amazing work. How about the astounding pieces of Donatello? These are just a few of the incredibly talented artists who've captured our heart, mind and soul with the works of their hands. These artists were true masters of their craft who left masterpieces behind for us to enjoy as their legacy for the rest of our lives, our children's lives and so on. Faux Finish Painting and the Art of Faux Faux paintings are seen throughout history, starting with the Egyptian Pharaohs when they employed artists and craftsmen to replicate wood graining,
using the techniques of faux finishing. Through the centuries the Greeks and Romans made huge advancements in the field of the Decorative Arts. With faux finishes and trompe l'oeil, they could cut construction costs by painting the grand architectural elements and other textures such as wood, stone, and marble that were
in high demand at the time. Faux and the Decorative Arts In the decorative arts' probably the most popular faux finishes are faux bois (wood) and faux marble. Both these techniques in faux painting were used when the real thing was too expensive or not practical in the construction field. Over the years faux finishers have developed many styles and techniques to duplicate the look of such finishes as aged plaster, marble, limestone, wood and distressed paint. What has taken years to accomplish naturally, a skilled faux finisher can recreate in days and sometimes even hours. Faux...adj. Artificial; fake; false; [French, from Old French fals.] not genuine or real; being an imitation of the genuine article; "faux marble"; "faux wood"; "it isn't fake anything; it's real synthetic fur"; [syn: fake, false, imitation, simulated] Trompe L' oeil means fool the eye in French. These murals give the illusion that the image continues, and gives unimaginable depth. if you have a small room you want to look bigger, this is the perfect way to do it. If you have a room that you would like to have fun with and trick your friends and family, this is for you.Trompe l' oeil art should delight your guests and have enough depth and detail to fuel an entire evening of conversation. Your not one dimensional why should your living space be one dimensional? Faux Art and Trompe L'Oeil Both a faux finish painting and a piece of trompe l'oeil art are used to create an illusion, that fools or "tricks the eye". Faux Paintings VS. Trompe L'Oeil If you think you have never seen a painted faux finish, well you are probably wrong, if executed correctly faux paintings are suppose to go unnoticed or at least designed to make you take a better look. Thus "the trick" which is what makes faux finishes closely related to trompe l'oeil. Even though they are alike in many ways there is a distinct difference between a faux and a trompe. Some faux finishes such as marbles and graining, are only successful if they are not recognized as being faux. The viewer needs to remain in the dark for the "faux trick" to be successful. In a trompe l'oeil the "trick of trompe l'oeil" is only
accomplished if the viewer becomes aware they have been tricked. Welcome to Skywoods Decorative Painting and Murals where TRANSFORMATIONS are accomplished with trompe l'oeil (Trompe-l'œil), murals, faux finishes and Marble Columns. Together we use a wide variety of techniques to create imaginative illusions with our hand-painted wall murals and trompe l'oeil artwork. Whether it is through the skillful art of faux finishing or the tricks of trompe l'oeil, our wall murals, decorative wall textures and sophisticated faux finishes, transformations are our ultimate goal. Hand-Painted Unique Decorative Finishes and Murals All our decorative murals and other effects are largely influenced by our love of art. Many pages will lead you through our unique artwork where transformations are our ultimate goal. Each painted mural or decorative finish is created using carefully executed techniques. We, as artists love putting extra care into the trompe l'oeil aspect of the piece of art. Please enjoy our decorative finishes and unique murals created using trompe l'oeil and faux finish painting techniques and check back often, we try to add to our portfolio of painted finishes as our murals and decorative finishes are completed. Skywoods is a decorative painting company specializing in Faux Finishes, Murals, Trompe l’Oeil, Marble Columns. We work one-on-one with our customers to create beautiful faux effects in any home, office, or restaurant. Each mural or paint effect is tailored to the customer’s individual imagination and style.We consult closely with our customers to develop a unique artistic addition to any room. Whether you prefer a subtle faux finish or a dramatic mural, we can help you bring out the ultimate potential of your home.Skywoods is a team of accomplished artists that provide the mastery of perspective drawing and representational painting required of mural painting. Our murals transform interiors with an enormous amount of class, distinction, and personality. Skywoods Murals and Faux Finishes can provide a wide range of services including basic to highly advanced murals and simple to intricately detailed faux finishes on a diverse selection of surfaces including walls, mantles, columns, objects and furniture. Our mural specialties include – but are not limited to: whimsical fantasy and comic themes for children’s areas – jungle, wildlife, tropical, fairytale or renditions of mythical, historical or entertainment figures, icons and scenery. Call us today to schedule an appointment for a free consultation. Skywoods Decorative Painting and Murals 602 486-3211 Contact - Steve or Caroline



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