03-17-2019 5:43:58 PM MST

Contemporary Finishes

We painted a Carrara marble finish on this clients' living room wall. they wanted a contemporary finish

that would go with their colors and decor in the rest of the house.  They were very happy with this finish!

Contemporary finishes


01-30-2013 2:47:25 AM MST

We had so much fun with this mural!  We painted a mural a couple of years ago with jungle animals playing sports.

The same clients are having another baby- a girl 


Jungle animals football players




08-12-2010 12:55:18 AM MST

Archway Classical Academy Old World Mural - Plato, Aristotle and children coming to school



We were delighted to paint this mural for Archway Classical Academy in Chandler, AZ. 

They wanted a mural that had archways in it, (to go with their name), Socrates, Plato and Aristotle.

Also an Old World feel.  So here is what we came up with.  We loved painting this for them,

everyone loved it!  We completed it the day of the open house, and it was a huge hit!


04-09-2010 3:33:27 PM MST

Completed Fireplace Wall!


We competed the fireplace with color, antiquing and detail. then we faux finished the mantle to

look like real wood with knots and graining.



04-04-2010 9:47:42 PM MST

Custom Created Mounytain Dry Stack Stone Fireplace



Now for the fun part - Coloring!  This is where the real artist in me comes out! 

I love the coloring part of the process!  We highlighted all the stones on the raised areas.

We colored all the stones with about 10 different colors!  Then we antiqued all the stones in the cracks.



 Cement stack stone fireplace


First, we applied primer and scratch coat. Then let it dry. Then we applied the primer again,

and mudded the wall with the cement with a heavy coat.  We then used a mountain

dry stack cement stamp to make the stone impressions with.  We then detailed it by adding

our own stones and character.Then we softened the edges and cleaned up all the access grit.

This is sure messy, but fun and artistic!



Stack Stone fireplace before

Fireplace Wall Before - Plain Painted.




03-31-2010 1:43:01 AM MST

We completed the entire Game Room! Yeah!!!!! That was fun! Here's alot of photos of the completed Murals:


Game Room Murals

Rosemarys Wall Murals

Game Room Murals




03-27-2010 1:28:01 AM MST

And here we have Speed-Demon-Anthony!  With branch and bird nest in his hair,dog plastered in front, he's dragging a stoplight he ran over, crashed through barricades, and stop sign, not to mention speed limit sign! He has cop chasing him, what's he thinking?  He's on the cell phone with his wife, and must want to get home in a hurry! 



03-26-2010 12:38:43 AM MST

Sailor Steven in boat. He is oblivious to danger behind him,

Just enjoying life at sea - and his hot dog!

Bulldog Gangster with machine gun guarding the safe!


03-22-2010 12:34:19 AM MST

First we have Cartoon Cowboy Tom busting into saloon !




03-22-2010 12:23:10 AM MST

Old World Breakfast Nook Completed! 

Like old, ruins in Italy or Greece, exposing brick and worn plaster, utterly run-down masterpiece!

In ceiling of breakfast nook, we painted a sky with a hawk landing on a branch.

Close-up of hawk landing



02-13-2010 10:43:22 AM MST

Old World Broken Walls Exposing Bricks

Below is the before photo. We are transforming this breakfast nook into realistic-looking ruins

like those in Greece and Italy!  Above shows real heavy textured plaster walls with bricks carved

into it randomly. White rectangle to the left it where we'll paint in a old rustic window.  Underneath

you see white broken walls exposing a sky. We still have to faux finish the white broken walls, and

we're painting a Hawk landing on a branch.


02-02-2010 3:01:59 AM MST

I finished the mural, softened the edges, added reflection, fairies and unicorn.

Pink Ribbon Border

Fairy and Unicorn

This was a really fun project and the clients were very pleased with the mural.




01-31-2010 1:32:22 AM MST

Fireplace walls are focal points in a room and with the right touch, can transform an entire room!  We did just that with this one. Above is the fireplace before.

We built a new mantle out of very charactered, rustic wood, and stained it. Then, faux finished the niche and painted the surrounding wall.

We covered the white tile with a stone product that we trowelled on and stained with several colors. 

I painted some heiroglyphics on the stone above of horses and riders.

Here is the finished product.  It turned out fabulous! The clients, Cheryl and Todd are very pleased, and want more work done now.  They enjoy sitting in front of their brand new fireplace every day!


01-31-2010 1:10:52 AM MST

We transformed this entertainment center from white to antique leather. The clients love it, and tell us that all their friends love it too. This is one of our more popular finishes.


We also faux finished their kitchen ceiling and painted a copper metallic finish with antiquing.


12-29-2009 2:26:33 AM CST

Well, we had a request from a client for a hand-painted Serenity Prayer Mural for her husband on the bedroom wall for Christmas. What an exciting project! This well-known, beautiful saying apparently has very special meaning to him, and they recite it together EVERY night! Wow! We can all learn from that! After deciding where to paint it, we decided on brown to match the bedroom. It took us 10 hours but we completed it, and it came out fabulous! Her husband was instructed to stay out of the bedroom, however their German Shepherd kept pushing the door open out of curiosity, and we had to go and shut the door constantly, it was so funny! We had a great time painting and listened to Christmas music. After we completed the mural and cleaned up, the client brought her husband in with his eyes closed.  When he opened his eyes in front of the mural, his mouth just dropped and he was so excited!  Then he played with the dimmer switch for the two spotlights as you can see in the photos below. I hope we get alot more projects like this one, especially seeing their faces light up!  The feeling is indescribable!






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